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Renée Lopez /// Miss Lopez Media

A small town girl from Central Washington (Yakima to be exact), Miss Lopez moved to Portland in 2006 to get a fresh start for her and her daughter. She had been doing photography as a hobby since the 10th grade, and in 2015 Renée became involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, making good friends with Portland rapper Glenn Waco. That’s where it all started. Miss Lopez quickly realized she could use her camera as a tool to not only document injustices and the movement, but as a form of resistance as well. In pursuit of her love for live music, she also began shooting the local hip-hop scene. Her work photographing local artists over the past two years has documented how much the scene has very recently flourished. Miss Lopez started her Women of Color in PDX series in March 2016; she felt it was important to highlight WOC here, spread love for each other, and send a message of self-love and unity. Growing up, Miss Lopez didn’t have a lot of women as friends; she didn’t trust women because of deep-seated misogyny she picked up from having a military father. The Women of Color project has also been a source of healing for the artist to work through those issues and also make lifelong friends. She shares a picture of each woman alongside a story about who they are and what they do. Miss Lopez has been told she has an eye for truly capturing people and who they are. “I just want to make a difference in someone’s life with my work, help people, tell their story.”

Published Features / Press Interviews

The Portland Mercury: http://www.portlandmercury.com/visual-art/2017/02/08/18838059/rene-lopezs-my-life-through-my-lens http://www.portlandmercury.com/Newcomers-Guide-2016/2016/09/14/18565016/meet-your-poc-communities

The Portland Monthly: https://www.pdxmonthly.com/articles/2017/3/20/19-oregon-women-you-must-follow-on-social-media

The Mercatus Pdx: http://www.mercatuspdx.com/renee-lopez

Vortex Magazine: http://www.vrtxmag.com/articles/understanding-the-realities-of-our-black-community-in-portland/

Freelance Photographer for: We Out Here Magazine, Vortex Magazine, and The Portland Mercury

 Gallery showings: Union Knott, UNA Gallery, C3initiative



Portrait session (seniors/families/models): Summer deal, $175 for 2 hours. 40 final edits or more.

Weddings: By consultation. Between 100-200 final images. ~$1,000

Short Events: $75 an hr. 25 final images per hour hired.